Hello dear friends,

First of all, welcome on my personal web page. It has been a while that I have been thinking about builing this, and now it is (partly) done. I hope you will enjoy it. This is for you.

Some might think : "What a narcissistic guy !". Those of you who know me are aware that I am not keen on placing myself under the spotlights and will understand that the goal of this "project" is not to be a tool of self-promotion, but rather a meeting place. I have a lot of friends all around the world, and this is a way of keeping contact with them, and who knows, of creating new friendships. I will try to keep it up-to-date, so that you can get the very latest information about what is happening here.

Please feel free to let me know what you think, what you would like to see here, what could be better, ... I look forward to hearing from you.

Now a couple of practical information regarding the various sections :

  • [ news ]

    Get the latest news about what is happening here. I hope that I will be able to update it as frequently as possible, and anyway as soon as something worth being mentioned here takes place.

  • [ resume ]

    This is the "professional" part of this site : the reference of this site will be included on my resume, maybe in specialized sites dedicated to employment, therefore it can be interesting for potential recruiters to have such information mentioned here. Who knows if a headhunter will ever reach this place... The various versions of my resume can also be downloaded.

  • [ travels ]

    Traveling is maybe my favourite hobby. Spending one year without going abroad, discovering new landscapes, new people, new cultures, ... seems impossible to me. I would like to share my feelings and experience about these travels.
    As you will see, I have selected a lot of countries for you, but please let me some time to choose my best pictures, to write down my comments and to put my ideas into concrete form.

  • [ pictures ]

    View the best pictures from here, events, family, fairs, parties, ...

  • [ bookmarks ]

    This is a selection of the best or most useful web sites (in my humble opinion).

  • [ contact ]

    Speaks from itself, doesn't it ?

  • [ various ]

    This is a section dedicated to interesting things that did not fit in any other section. For instance, I give you tips and tools to fight against spam, or I publish really funny replies I have received to applications.

  • [ home ]

    Brings you back here !

All the best to you, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Pierre Gerard