The news...

  • August 13th - 31st, 2007

    At last, well deserved holidays ! Once again, direction East, i.e. Ukraine, the country where the girls have the longest legs and the shortest skirts...
    I will add it to the list in the "travels" section and will try to put as soon as possible some pictures.

  • January 15th, 2007

    Since January 15th, I work for UBS (Luxembourg), in the "Wealth Management & Business Banking" division as reporting expert. Although I did enjoy it a lot at Clerical Medical, my decision has been motivated by the opportunity to get into the banking world and gain some usefule experience, as well as by the better chances to evolove, either vertically or horizontally.

  • March 16th - 20th, 2006

    I have spent a couple of days in Switzerland, in Geneva, invited by the festival "Voix de Fête". I have had the opportunity to discover some interesting artists. It was already the ninth edition of this festival, which takes place on almost two weeks. I really advise it to you. The organisation was perfect : a big thanks to the whole team, and particularly to Bettina, for everything !

  • February 22nd 2006

    I am on my way : I just started my career as teacher ! I gave tonight my first lecture to the students in the bachelor in accounting. The course is "Thorough Analytical Accounting". I was slightly stressed by this new experience, but everything went alright.

  • December 8th 2005

    I made public the results of my research regarding the initial public offering of Belgacom, as thesis for the bachelor in accounting and finance.

  • September 2005

    I finished last June my third and last year of evening classes in finance / accounting. I just have now to finish writing my thesis. But I have already been offered by the manager of the school to take over one of the lectures, not as a student this time, but as the teacher !!!

  • August 7th - 26th, 2005

    I visited the USA again, but this time the Western part. The journey took me from Luxembourg to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, via Francfurt, Washington and Denver. Then by car, I visited the Grand Teton NP, the Yellowstone NP, Arches NP, Four Corners, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon NP, Bryce NP, Zion NP, Las Vegas, Death Valley NP, Sequoia & Kings Canyon NP, Yosemite NP, San Francisco and eventually Los Angeles. Then I had unfortunately to fly back (via Chicago). It makes in total 7 airports, 4000 miles, 350 pictures and a lot wonderful memories.
    I hope to have some time to post a report of this in my "travels" section.

  • April 16th 2005

    I had the opportunity to play tennis today against a former A-series player (almost professional level), who had previously played in the Davis Cup competition for Luxembourg. It is very unusual at my level. The score was 6/0 6/2. And one ace for me too !!! I resisted one hour and a half...

  • April 2005

    New record for the number of visits to The number of visitors is constantly increasing month after month. In April 2005, the previous record has been beaten by more than 30% ! Thank you all.

  • November 20th - 30th, 2004

    Short stay in the USA, in Connecticut.

  • October 28th, 2004

    Official confirmation of the tennis federation computer : I climb the ranking. I have now the ranking C15.2.

  • Octobre 10th, 2004

    Bad news : I got injured while taking part to a football game. It is uncertain how long I will be out. I will probably not be back on the field until next year !

  • September 2004

    Back to school : it is my third year of evening classes in finance and accounting. The curriculum will end in June 2005, and I will have to write a thesis. I have chosen to study the IPO of Belgacom, Belgium's previously state-owned telecommunication company and historical operator.

  • August 2004

    I decided to come back and play for my original football team next season. I had been transferred to another team a few years ago, and today all conditions are met for my come back.

  • June - August 2004

    The tennis season is coming to an end. As far as the interclubs are concerned, it was very good, since we finished at the second position, gaining the right to play an extra round. Regarding the tournaments, no spectacular results, except a final at the tournament in Virton, the largest one in the area, in the extended C15.4-30.2 serie. Besides this, few honorable games against opponents with a much better ranking than mine.
    This should be enough to go up in the ranking. We'll see in a few weeks, when the computer will have analysed the results of all players.

  • June 7th,2004

    A new professional challenge is offered to me. Come back in the world of life insurance as management reporting analyst. Further details in the "resume" section.

  • May 2004

    The football season is over. For us, it was a very good one, since we ended at the second place. If you have a look at the players of the champions, it is almost as if we won the championship !

  • February 6th, 2004

    Apparently the form in the contact section seems to work. It is therefore possible for you to send me emails !
    I have also begun -at last- to include my travels pictures and comments. The first country available is Russia. Please have a look and tell me your opinion. It would be great !

  • January 2004

    I have added a new section, called "various", to deal with things I want to share with you, but that do not fit in any other section.
    I started to fill in the "pictures" section too. It is not completely done yet, but it is a good start.

  • November 14th - December 6th, 2003

    On the road again... Not really roads, but far away though, since I am in the United States, mainly Massachussetts, Connecticut and New York !

  • November 7th, 2003

    The tennis federation computer has finished calculating the results of the 2003 season and has given the new rankings. It appears that my results allow me to climb one rank up, which gives me for 2004 the ranking C-15.4

  • April 12th - May 3rd, 2003

    I was abroad, visiting Russia. I went to Moscow and St Petersburg. The report of this trip will be available in the travels section soon...
    Now, back to daily reality...

  • March 29th, 2003

    The domain name is at last alive. Although I already registered it some time ago, I could not find a suitable hosting solution regarding my need. It is now done, and the name works fine. I still encounter some troubles to update the pages on the web server, but I hope it will be solved soon.
    I have still been working on serveral parts of this site. Several sections are still under construction; please be patient. Thank you for your understanding.