As I wrote, I hate to receive answers to applications that give me the impression that the recruiter didn't read my application with the same care that I used to write it down. Even worse, when I have the unpleasant feeling that (s)he didn't even proofread his/her answer. Which is the best way to have me understand that I am not even worse it !
It happened a couple of times to me : I received letters starting with "Dear Sir...", and at the end, I had become "Mrs..." or "Ms..." !!!
This has the power to make me very angry. I have therefore decided to publish them all here. The only things that I have hidden are my own postal address, as well as the name of the person who wrote these rubbish. Although this is what they deserve for not doing their job properly, I do not want this to cause them any harm.

  • This first one was sent to me a couple of years ago...
    If I trust what is written in it, Einstein's theories about the relativity came into practice. It is written there that I had an interview on Decembre 4th, 1995, and the letter is dated November 12th, 1995, more or less three weeks before the interview was supposed to have taken place !


  • This one is even funnier (I did not find it very funny when I received it), because it is from a service that is supposed to be a professional in communication. It comes from the Service Information & Presse ("Information & Media Service") of the governement of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. You cannot find more official than this : this department handles all communication request, every official information on its way out, ... of the governement of an European Union member state ! And it is signed by someone who as a very high position in this organisation.
    I start as "Sir" and end as "Madam". Unbelievable !!!


  • This letter is a bit different : it was addressed to me, at my home address, as you can read on the header, and then the letter starts with "Dear Mr M.", who is definitely not me ! Are all these persons blind ??? I think the question deserves to be asked !

    Hutchison Whampoa

  • The same classical one : the address is correct, then the letters starts with "Sir...", and at the end, I have subtly become "Ms..."

    Alcor Bank Luxembourg

  • Not so impressive, but it can however be laughed at : the adress is correct, but the recipient's name is not, and the last two letters of his name have definitely been omitted. Therefore, instead of being addressed to Mr Gerard, the letter is addressed to Mr Gera.

    Insinger de Beaufort

So, ladies and gentlemen recruiters, I did not want to be wicked against you, but if you try to place yourself one second in the position of the one who receives this, how would you react ? Wouldn't you think : "Damn', if I had done such a mistake in my own work, I could have been fired !!!" ???

I wrote this because I am really fed up of the poor quality of these letters. And anyway, when one receives a negative answer, there is never a clear explanation of the reasons. It is always : "Although your qualifications are excellent, your profile does not match ... We wish you ..."

I know, you might say : "Okay, these are mistakes due to a lack of attention. It is funny, and not as serious as if confidential data had been sent to a wrong recipient !". I agree with this, but this does not comply with the standard of quality that one should expect when dealing with human resources professionals. When you receive this, do you have the impression that they have treated your application with seriousness, application and professionalism ?