Sporting pictures

I do really like sport. Not only to attend sporting events at the stadium or on television, but mainly to practice sport.

I am a member of a (European) football (soccer) team since the age of 14. I would say that I am a "clubman", since I only played for two clubs, preferring a good atmosphere among the players (drinking a couple of beers together after the match, ...) to pure results.

This picture was taken in early May 2001, just when I came back from the one month trip to the United States. We had eaten so much (and too good) during this trip that it was a bit difficult to start sport again, since I gained a few extra kilos (as shown on the picture), but since then I lost them... :-)

I started to play football at the age of 14, in teams for teens (according to the age), but also in the A team as early as I was allowed to (16). I played in the A team for a couple of years, then for the B team. It was indeed not very easy to combine the studies at university with the weekly training, ... But I don't regret the evolution, since the atmosphere is, in my opinion, much better in the B team, not focused so much on results but mainly on the pleasure to meet friends, spend nice moments together, ...

To be complete, I will add that I always wear the number 7, that I always put my right shoe first, that I play forward and that I never received any yellow or red card !!!

More football pictures to come soon, especially archives (as soon as I find them back !).


Ooops ! Not sure this one was supposed to be filed under "sporting"...
This is the reward after sport : the third half time. In this case, it was rather the last set. This picture was taken in July 2003. I usually play only simple tournaments, but on that day, we registered for the double. We just won this game. I have also played a couple of tournaments in mixed double, but play mainly simples.

I played tennis a very little bit while I was very young, I have always liked tennis, and in 2002 decided to play in competition. I played the team competition and in tournaments. I reached the final of my very first one, won another one, and qualified for the Masters (eight best players in each category). Now, my ranking is C-15.4.


Tennis & football are definitely my two favorites sports, but aside to them, I enjoy a lot of other activities. I appreciate a good bike ride, playing the pool, darts, table tennis or handball, shooting. Although I never played them myself, I like watching a good game of volley, basket, a car race, ... I also like to play cards, but it is not really a sport, although it requires concentration too.

I used to enjoy running or jogging, especially when I was a bit younger. Now, it is a bit different, but it is sometimes required to keep fit, especially when the football or tennis season is at rest during winter time.

Eventually, as shown on this picture, I also enjoy playing bowling. Not only American bowling, but also the traditional "jeu de quilles", which is slightly different (smaller balls, without holes, different track shape, ...). This picture was taken during my first trip to Russia. I am usually a poor bowling player, but on that day, I succeeded in everything, and scored more strikes than during the rest of my whole life !!!


I played golf twice in my life. It was not really playing, but rather being intiated.

I used not to consider golf as a sport, but after having tried it, I must admit I changed my opinion about it. After my first try, my body was aching everywhere... It is a pity that this sport is so expensive, otherwise I think that I would play it more often. It offers lots of advantages : you walk in the fresh air, usually in a nice environment, the risk to be injured is much lower than in any other sport, ...