Partying pictures

I am not really what could be called a "party-goer". I like to have a good fun, but I am not the kind of person who goes out every week all night long. Anyway, these pictures should show you that I have a good sense of humour (I don't mid being -kindly- laughed at, and I also practise regularly self-derision), and that one has good times with me...

This picture was taken during a night to remember ! We were celebrating the 10th anniversary of the company I was working for, and it had been decided, to make the evening more spicy, to organize a play-back contest. I enrolled with a couple of friends, and we decided to use the song "Love Is All", originally performed by Roger Glover. I remember this video clip that was played on tv when I was young, and I really liked the animation with the frog playing the guitar, ... Of course, I like the song too.

So, not only the party in itself is a good souvenir, especially the performance, but also the rehearsal sessions : during our luch times, we took a car, drove out of the city and performed our choregraphy in some desert field in the countryside. Can you imagine the face of the people who drove by during these sessions !!!

To be complete, I have to tell that we finished on the 4th place.

Roger Glover and Friends

Not sure it is a good idea to publish this one...

Another good time we had on January 25th, 2003. I organized a little party with friends to "celebrate" my 30th birthday. Although I doubt getting older is something to celebrate, I wanted to make something special for the event.

In order to make the evening funnier, I invited a good friend of mine to take part to it. Her name is Amelie, and she is kind of another me ("mini me" is already in use...). I even didn't know she existed before that night !!!

Well, enough of amateur Freud deductions. I'll simply add that I like to disguise and slip into another skin and another personnality...

30th birthday

This one was taken during one of the many party evenings we attended during my first trip to the USA in April 2001.

We were there to represent Belgium. We were hosted in families, and each week we were going to another place. And of course, each and every family wanted to celebrate with us. Impossible to refuse !
So, during this 4-weeks American stay, I really cannot tell how many parties we attended, how few hours we slept (because on every morning, we had to wake up early to complete the "official" schedule), how many beers we drank, how many speeches we said, how many questions we had to answer. And we always did it smiling, because we have been so warmly welcomed by persons who did even not know us before we arrived.

This trip remains one of the most gorgeous souvenirs in my life. I have met wonderful persons, with whom I get on really well. I have been keeping in touch with them since then, and even returned there in November 2003 !

American Party